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  • GUDE

    The family-owned company’s quality products optimize and expand infrastructures such as those found in network, server and media cabinets.

  • 360 Power Quality

    Providing the highest levels of quality, reliability, and efficiency in backup power.

  • Innovolt

    Providing superior power protection products and backup solutions for mission-critical applications.

  • BrightVault

    The first truly intelligent, scalable, energy storage system developed for the Luxury Residential Market.

  • RoseWater Energy Group

    RoseWater Energy works directly with integrators from the onset of projects to create an appropriate Power Plan™ for homeowners. The RoseWater HUB provides conditioned and protected power that enhances the performance of all electronics.

  • Transient Protection Design

    Complete home surge protection for utilities and electronics of all types, including main electrical service, circuit breaker panels, telephone, data/signal lines, speaker wire, and coaxial cables.